Important Announcement (Please Read)

Dear Surfedia Users,

Over the past year I’ve been working on a major update to the site.  I’ve spent countless work hours and significant amount of $$$ to get it completely redesigned or reinvented, as I like to call it.

Instead of continuing with, I’ve decided to build the new site/app on a new domain.  This makes more sense to me because although the site will have the same functionality as Surfedia, in the backend it is a completely different application built from scratch.

Within the next 2 months, once the site is ready to accept visitors, I will be posting the url of the new site so that you can start using it.

Couple of things:

  • The new site will have the same intuitive layout as Surfedia… your private bookmarks will be on the left, public content will be on the right of your screen
  • Drag & drop functionality has been improved
  • We’ve developed a brand new source code for the site that has been built from scratch. So, although the two sites have some resemblance, the new site has a completely new back-end, as well as the front-end
  • We have developed our own proprietary snapshot generator, actually a couple of different snapshot generators which ensure continuous functionality with minimal disruptions, faster processing speeds and no dependency on third parties. It’s been tested over the past few months and now works beautifully
  • The new site will run on multiple dedicated servers to provide a smooth user experience

Important info for you, the users…

  • Your usernames and passwords will remain unchanged
  • Your bookmarks will be automatically moved to the new site
  • The new site will launch in May or June of 2018.  An announcement will be made to encourage you to start using the new site and slowly wean off of Surfedia.
  • Surfedia will be active until Aug 31, 2018.  After this date it will redirect to the new site.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them in comments below.

I would also appreciate if you would let me know if there are any features you would like to see implemented …things that Surfedia didn’t have 😉

Thanks for your attention and thank you for using Surfedia for your bookmarks,


Recent service outage

First of all, thank you for using Surfedia.

I created this blog to allow me a better contact with the users.  The site started as a bookmarking app for my personal use (I only created the Registration page because “hey, why not?”).  However, I just realized that the site has nearly 1,500 users… how exciting?!

Anyway, the recent disruption in snapshot generation results from an update to a very advanced script that generates snapshots.  We’re working on resolving this problem ASAP.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience that it is causing.  It certainly disrupts my daily use of Surfedia.  It’s annoying to see blank snapshots.